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Walk in Showers

We have a fantastic variety of walk-in showers of varying sizes. These showers are mainly designed for the disabled and individuals that usually struggle with their mobility. Our services that are personalised ensure the shower is just right for you and matches your needs.

They come in a variety of sizes and types, from small compact cubicles to large, open wet room spaces. You’ll be able to get it if you’re able to believe it!

What wet rooms do is to supply with liberty to move about and for you to not feel restricted in your bathing experience.

Rooms that are out wet provide lots of walk in access when installed in the smallest of bathrooms. Commonly our wet rooms supply a fashionable and contemporary feel, with a large enough accessibility space so that wheelchair users can bathe effortlessly. Additionally they supply tiled or slip resistant flooring, an extensive range of shower screen to pick from and also lots of walk in accessibility.

If pure availability is a huge issue of yours then a room that is wet is the appropriate choice for you!

Compact walk in showers

We realise that not everyone wants only substantial and open spaces by which to wash which is why we also have our variety of compact walk-in showers on offer for you. Of course these are in the same way safe and simple to use as their room counter parts that are wet.

Every one of these showers can include a fashionable and modern finish while also being made to measure. Our compact showers prove to be very popular with our present customer base and are a jack of all trades.

Easy-access showers

Our easy access showers are for folks that do not require extensive help with their washing. Yet they still come in mind with comfort and your security, fit with you choice of sliding doors and also other accessories to make your bathing experience relaxing and more comfortable.

These showers were created to fit neatly into any bathroom. They’re streamlined, user-friendly, come in a broad variety of styles and help to maximise the space in your bedroom while also providing the bathing experience that is finest possible for you.

To learn more on any of our products, touch base with us using the form on the contact page.

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